20 Budget Friendly School Supplies for Kids

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20 School Supplies Ideas For Kids

We are now offering school supplies in the Philippines at the lowest prices. I have listed various school supplies set for kids to help parents decide which items to buy. These items are very affordable, making them budget-friendly school supplies.

As this is the best time to gather or purchase supplies for your kids, it's advisable to research items that are suitable for your children. This guide provides suggestions to assist parents in preparing a ready list for when they visit the school supplies stores nearby.

A  banner of worth  50k of tuition fee1. 50K WORTH OF TUITION FEE

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One ASUS Notebook Vivobook Laptop which is good for online school2. ASUS Notebook Vivobook

The ASUS VivoBook Notebook is a versatile and stylish laptop designed to deliver excellent performance and convenience for various computing needs. It boasts a sleek and modern design that's visually appealing and highly portable. Equipped with powerful hardware, the VivoBook offers a smooth and responsive user experience, making it ideal for both work and entertainment. Its impressive specs include a high-resolution display that provides vibrant visuals and crisp details, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. The laptop is powered by a fast processor, ample RAM, and generous storage space, enabling seamless multitasking and efficient data storage. With its advanced features, sleek aesthetics, and robust performance, the ASUS VivoBook Notebook is a reliable companion for users seeking a blend of style and functionality in their computing devices. This would greatly help today's generation, as all lessons and assignments can be efficiently completed online.

Complete Set of Parent Kit and Guide Book for Parents.3. Parent Kit 

As part of the school supplies, there is also a "Parent Kit" that can be used to treat children right away in an emergency. Even if we never hope for such things to happen, it's wise to prepare for our children's safety, especially while we're not around. This kit acts as a manual for parents on how to look for their kids in case of emergency.

A set of different materials for early learning stage of kids, this is also a material for homeschooling.4. HOMESCHOOL KIT

A homeschooling kit offers a superior approach to educating kids in an advanced manner, avoiding the need to send them to traditional schools and allowing parents to take on the role of their teachers. Education holds immense significance in fostering children's knowledge and skills. This set of school supplies proves invaluable in guiding parents through effectively teaching their kids at home, facilitating noticeable improvements and laying the groundwork for their eventual transition into formal schooling.

A one bag of Thermos Lunch kit which is good to store a food for a long period of time.5. Thermos Lunch Kit DSD-700

Thermos Lunch Kit DSD-700 is a handy lunchtime option that keeps food tasty and appealing for students. Hot foods will stay warm, and cold foods will stay out until noon, thanks to the lunch kit's sturdy design and insulated interior. The roomy compartments offer enough room for a healthy dinner, snacks, and drinks. The kit's design is practical and aesthetically pleasing, satisfying children's preferences and valuable requirements. It is suitable for students to easily transport their meals to school because it has convenient closures and a carrying handle. Thermos Lunch Kit DSD-700 is a crucial addition to the list of required school supplies since it encourages healthy eating practices and ensures students have a filling meal.

A big bag pack which can put alot of school supplies for kids.6. School Bags For Kids

Kids' school supplies, including textbooks, notebooks, stationery, and personal stuff, can all be carried in school bags, which are crucial carrying options. These bags come in various shapes and styles with numerous compartments for well-organized storage. These backpacks allow kids to exhibit their style while ensuring convenient transportation of school supplies thanks to their comfy straps and valuable pockets. A student's school bag is a vital component of their daily life since it allows them to carry their necessities conveniently and comfortably as they go to class and participate in other educational activities.

A multifunctional Shoulder Bag and easy to carry.7. Shoulder Bag SB-013

The Shoulder Bag SB-013 is a functional accessory created to offer fashionable carrying options for items relevant to the school. With a handy shoulder strap, this bag makes it easy to carry personal items like notebooks, stationery, and other necessities without using your hands. Students of various ages can use it because of its small but roomy design. For students who prefer a compact and portable solution, the Shoulder Bag SB-013 is a great option. It is a helpful addition to the list of required school materials, ensuring that students can keep their essentials organized and handy while they go about their regular school schedules.

A cute punilabo pencil case.8. Punilabo Pencil Case

A fun and helpful addition for storing and organizing numerous school supplies is the Punilabo Pencil Case. This pencil bag is ideal for holding pencils, pens, erasers, and other small stationery items thanks to its lovely design and robust construction. Due to its small size, it is simple to slip into backpacks and school bags. The Punilabo Pencil Case adds some flair to the supply of school supplies while keeping everything organized and accessible. With it, students may bring everything they need for a successful day of learning to school, including writing implements and tiny items.

Set of compass set, instrument for geometry.9. MAPED COMPASS SET

A precise instrument required for geometry and drawing assignments in school is the Maped Compass Set. This set often includes a compass with movable arms and a pencil to draw precise circles and arcs. Other elements like a protractor, ruler, and other drawing tools might also be included in some collections.

In math, geometry, and art classes, students utilize the Maped Compass Set to draw exact geometric forms, angles, and diagrams. It is an essential tool for finishing tasks, assignments, and tests that call for measurements and graphical representations. The Maped Compass Set ensures accurate and attractive outcomes in various educational projects thanks to its adaptable design and high-quality construction.

A  HBW DESKTOP SHARPENER efficient tool for sharpening your pencil.10. HBW DESKTOP SHARPENER

An efficient instrument for sharpening pencils is the HBW Desktop Sharpener. Its small size and robust construction make it appropriate for desktop use, offering a firm platform for swiftly and effectively sharpening pencils. The sharpener frequently has a container to catch pencil shavings to reduce mess.

To maintain their pencils sharp and prepared for writing, sketching, and other chores, students utilize the BW Desktop Sharpener at school. It's a practical addition to the supply list that guarantees students always have freshly sharpened pencils ready to take notes, prepare for tests, and work on creative projects. The sharpener's dependable performance makes it a necessary tool for keeping writing implements organized and precise throughout the school day.


The Maped Compass with Case is a precise tool used in schools for geometry and drawing assignments. It is protected by a case that makes it simple to store and transport. Students may generate accurate geometric figures using this compass's movable arms, which allow for the creation of perfect circles and arcs. The included cover keeps the compass safe and shields it from harming other items in a student's backpack.

Arithmetic, geometry, and art school students generally use the Maped Compass with Case. It allows them to create exact angles, circles, and diagrams, which are crucial for projects, exams, and other work involving geometric ideas. The compass is kept safe and accessible whenever needed with the help of the supplied case.

A MAPED HELIX MATH SET OXFORD this is mathematical instrument to make your math problem easily solve.12. MAPED HELIX MATH SET OXFORD

The Maped Helix Oxford Math Set is a flexible set of fine-tuned tools to help pupils with technical and mathematics work. This necessary school supply gives kids the tools they need to improve their capacity for learning and problem-solving.

Cute Set of green pencil case Disney theme.13. DISNEY TSUM STATIONERY ART SET

A lovely set of artistic tools with popular Disney characters is the Disney Tsum Tsum Stationery Art Set. For young painters and Disney enthusiasts, this art set offers a variety of resources for creative expression.

One box of Mongol no.2 with eraser14. MONGOL PENCIL WITH ERASER XL NO.2 12'S

The Mongol Pencil with Eraser XL No.2 12 is a dependable and comfortable writing instrument with an attached eraser. This pencil set is designed to give smooth writing and simple corrections, making it a practical solution for students' daily needs.

One box of Faber castell watercolor pencil.15. FABER-CASTELL WATERCOLOR PENCIL

The Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencil is a multi-purpose artistic instrument that blends the precision of colored pencils with the fluidity of watercolors. This watercolor pencil set allows students to produce magnificent artwork while experimenting with different techniques.

G&G BTS Pink Backpak 16. BACKPACK G&G BTS

The G&G BTS Backpack is a beautiful and functional accessory with essentials while displaying BTS support. This backpack is a helpful school item that mixes functionality with fandom zeal.

24 Colored Pencil Classic. 17. BEST BUY COLORED PENCIL CLASSIC 24 COLORS

The Best Buy Colored Pencil Classic 24 Colors set includes a wide range of brilliant colors ideal for artistic expression and various school tasks. This colorful pencil set is a must-have for kids who want to add color and creativity to their educational journey.


The Maped One-Hole Sharpener is a small and efficient instrument for rapidly and conveniently sharpening pencils. This sharpener is a useful addition to school supplies because it keeps kids' pencils sharp for precise writing and drawing chores.


The 12 PCS T-Pencil Wooden Pencil Set provides pupils a dependable and classic writing tool. This pencil set is a flexible addition to your school supplies, meeting various writing and drawing requirements.


The Crayola Non-Sharpening Pencil 3S is a simple and mess-free writing tool for students. This pencil set is a unique addition to school supplies, offering a convenient option for various writing and creative tasks.

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