10 Most Popular Shoes For Men

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10 Most Popular Shoes For Men

    Every man deserves to step out in style, and what better way to make a statement than with the perfect pair of shoes? While surprises are often associated with women, men, too, should treat themselves and indulge in their dream shoes. After all, there's an undeniable charm in walking confidently in shoes that reflect your personality and aspirations.

    In footwear, men in the Philippines have showcased an unmissable passion for fashion. From sneakers to boots, sandals to slip-ons, the options are as diverse as the personalities they cater to. The love for shoes is a universal language, transcending gender boundaries. Contrary to stereotypes, it's not just women who enjoy the thrill of fashion; men have enthusiastically embraced the world of footwear. Statistics from Statista highlight an intriguing trend: men are not only catching up but also surpassing women in terms of footwear spending. The contemporary Filipino man understands the power of a well-curated shoe collection and is willing to invest in quality and style.

    When it comes to the shoe game, sneakers are undoubtedly the frontrunners. These versatile pieces have become more than just athletic essentials; they're now fashion statements that blend comfort and style effortlessly. Whether stepping confidently through city streets or catching up with friends over coffee, the right pair of sneakers can define your look and elevate your confidence. In the Philippines, the market for men's shoes has flourished. From casual to formal, there's a pair for every occasion. The Filipino man's journey to find the perfect shoe is exciting, fueled by the wish to stand out and make a lasting impression. The choices are limitless, allowing him to express his personality through footwear.

    So, whether you're eyeing a classic pair of leather boots for a night out or seeking the latest sneakers that capture the essence of modern street style, the world of men's shoes welcomes you with open arms. It's time to embrace your passion for footwear, explore the trends that define you, and walk confidently towards a future where every step speaks volumes about your unique journey."

    Untitled design (4).png


    Yes, the Jordan 1 Retro Off-Whites, also known as the "UNC" variants, are a great example of fashionable men's shoes that feature Tobacco Road influences. The renowned designer Virgil Abloh created these sneakers with his Off-White clothing line. The "UNC" colorway has a striking appearance thanks to its appealing blend of cone, dark powder blue, and white tones. The sneakers, made with powerful care, feature a deconstructed leather upper in Abloh's distinctive colors of white and blue. The sneakers have characteristic Off-White embellishments throughout the design, giving them a creative touch. This pair of Jordan 1s stands out as a must-have for individuals who adore Virgil Abloh's artistic output and want to highlight their allegiance with Off-White. These Jordan 1 Retro Off-Whites sufficiently capture the spirit of the Philippine sneaker culture if you're looking for outstanding men's shoes. Thanks to their fusion of traditional design and modern aesthetics, they are a sought-after addition to any sneaker collection.

    Untitled design (5).png2. JORDAN 1 HIGH UNION LOS ANGELE BLUE TOE

    Draw attention to yourself as you walk confidently while wearing the Jordan 1 Retro High Union Los Angeles Blue Toe. A cream midsole and a stunning blue sole harmonize the design of this exceptional pair of Jordan 1s, which has a clean white leather upper accented by bright blue embellishments, including the classic Nike "Swoosh."

    The Jordan 1 Retro High Union Los Angeles Blue Toe is a crucial addition to your collection if you have an immaculate taste and aren't afraid to indulge. The interaction of white, storm blue, varsity red, and black produces an eye-catching color scheme ready to make a strong statement. These sneakers, which follow the model code BV1300-146, meld traditional style with cutting-edge flair to perfectly capture urban fashion culture. These sneakers first hit the market on November 17, 2018, and since then, they've gained a devoted following among sneakerheads worldwide. Various eye-catching accessories are included in the bundle, adding to its charm. These upgrades include cream and black laces, a red Jumpman/Union hangtag, and yellow laces. Notably, the packaging includes tissue paper with an original Jordan/Union sketch drawing.

    The Jordan 1 Retro High Union Los Angeles Blue Toe perfectly combines design and cultural significance for individuals looking for great men's footwear, particularly within the vibrant Philippines sneaker scene. Don't hesitate to treat yourself to this outstanding pair, easily accessible on websites like StockX, if you're ready to up your shoe game.

    Untitled design (6).png3. JORDAN 1 TRAVIS SCOTT

    Introducing the revolutionary Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott, the first product of Travis Scott's historic partnership with Nike . This pair creatively reinterprets the original Air Jordan 1 design. Notably, the iconic side Swooshes defy tradition by having each tail pointed toward the toe. Traditional woven tongue tags now hang from the side of the tongue, and a covert stash pocket is hidden inside the collar, which adds an element of surprise.The Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott has a fusion of white leather and mocha suede overlays, complemented with reversed black leather Swooshes, and was designed to reflect the artist's individuality. Subtle red accents on the tongue softly contrast the earthy tones of the design. The debossed Cactus Jack logo adds a personalized touch to the heel. A yellowed midsole and a matching Mocha outsole round off the look.This pair captures Travis Scott's artistic perspective and proves his distinctive style. The Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott is a must-have for men who value high-quality sneakers, particularly in the Philippine footwear scene. This unique pair of sneakers will elevate your shoe collection by skillfully fusing fashion and cultural importance.

    Untitled design (7).png4. JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH CO JAPAN NEUTRAL GREY

    The Jordan 1 Retro High CO Japan Neutral Grey has been sold on StockX for the first time since 2001. Very few Air Jordan 1 CO.JP units were initially made available as a Japanese-only release. While other hues were produced in an edition of 3,000, only 2,001 Neutral Grey colorway pairs were available. The CO.JP was revived and eventually made available worldwide after 20 years.Like the 2001 model, the Air Jordan 1 CO Japan Neutral Grey has a grey suede and silver leather upper with a bubble "Wings" stamp. The upgraded pair has "Nike Air" stitched on the tongue instead of the "Nike" logo, which is the primary difference between the 2020 version and its predecessor.

    Untitled design (9).png5. JORDAN 4 RETRO UNION OFF NOIR

    The Air Jordan IV is the beginning point for Gibbs' collection, emphasizing invention and substance. According to Gibbs, we worked hard to locate the proper materials because the idea was to combine suede and mesh. We got the inspiration for the suede from other goods that had rich, soft suede. We wanted an 80s-style mesh like the original sneakers for the mesh. The result is a cutting-edge interpretation of MJ's fourth characteristic silhouette that pioneers in numerous ways.

    In the Philippines, men's shoes have never looked better. International sneaker styles arrive at your home with the JORDAN 4 RETRO UNION-OFF NOIR. These sneakers are made to improve your appearance and increase your confidence, whether you're hitting the urban streets, enjoying the outdoors, or making a fashion statement at an event.

    Untitled design (10).png6. JORDAN 1 RETRO LOW OG YEAR THE RABBIT

    A retro-inspired style from Jordan's "Year of the Rabbit" collection, the Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Year of the Rabbit was introduced to celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2023. This low-cut style has an upper made of suede, leather, and terry cloth inside shades of gray, brown, sailor, white, and white. The distinctive "Wings" emblem is embroidered on the heel, and other elements include:

    ü  Frayed bunny-like laces.

    ü  Rabbit branding on the inner tongue tag.

    ü  Toebox perforations.

    ü  Red and gold Jumpman insole branding.

    ü  University Red branding on the tongue.

    There are only 5,000 pairs of these sneakers, all individually numbered on the inner language. The design finishes with an Off-White midsole and a brown, semi-translucent outsole. An additional pair of Cream laces are included with each team. 

    Untitled design (11).png7. JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH SPIDER MAN ORIGIN STORY

    Due to its resonance with Spider-Man's distinctive color scheme, the Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story raises the bar for your shoe collection and enables you to embody his exceptional flair. These sneakers, which cost a reasonable $160 and debuted in December 2018, immediately became collector's goods by offering fans a unique blend of sneaker culture and superhero homage. Ready to be a part of the story? Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this iconic sneaker tale. Head over to StockX now and make a statement that resonates not only in the sneaker realm but also among fellow fans of Spider-Man and men's shoes in the philippines. With the Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story, you're not just wearing sneakers but embodying a legend. Don't miss out – secure your pair today!

    Untitled design (12).png8. JORDAN 4 RETRO LEVI'S BLACK (LEVI'S TAG)

    Jordan and Levi's combined their talents to produce the magnificent Levi's x Air Jordan 4 Black, uniting two of the most recognizable brands in the world. The second edition in their collection, this fantastic collaboration has a sleek black denim top, waxed laces, and a stunning gum bottom. Additionally, this eye-catching shoe has a red Levi's tag on the lateral side and a brown leather tongue patch with a red Jumpman emblem. This pair debuted in June 2018 and was sold for $225 at retail.

    Untitled design (13).png9. JORDAN 1 RETROTOP 3

    The Air Jordan 1 Retro Top 3 is a high-top sneaker with a vibrant multicolor design and an expertly constructed leather upper. This Retro Top 3 model has a distinctive upper with white panels on the sides, Varsity Royal panels on the heel and collar, black overlays, and a Varsity Red panel on the toebox. These panels have been deliberately perforated for improved ventilation. Intricately embroidered into a cushioned white midsole, these leather panels offer comfort and flair. This Air Jordan 1's red outsole, which features a rough finish for maximum traction, sits on top of the midsole as an essential component of the shoe's design. The Air Jordan 1 Retro Top 3 made its premiere on November 28th, 2016, to a worldwide audience. This renowned sneaker cost $160 at retail back then.

    Untitled design (14).png10. JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG PATENT BRED

    The black and red patent leather upper of the Air Jordan 1 High Bred Patent is enhanced with the well-known woven Nike Air tongue marking. The Wings logo is prominently displayed on the sneaker's neck, contributing to its classic appeal: a white midsole and a red Air sole finish off the retro-inspired design.

    The Air Jordan 1 High Bred Patent is expected to enthrall sneaker enthusiasts when it debuts in December 2021. It promises to give both flair and substance for a retail price of $170.

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