New Nike Shoes in the Philippines

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New Nike Shoes in the Philippines

The newest Jordan shoes in the Philippines were launched and available exclusively at hellobox for the lowest price. If you are still hesitant or considering buying Jordan 1 retro high because of its actual price, think differently since it’s a matter of quality of shoes so that they will last longer compared to cheap ones, and you change shoes every month.

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Jordan 1 Retro High OG SP Travis Scott

Jordan 1 Retro High OG SP Travis Scott

Product Details:
Release Date05/11/2019

The first release as part of Travis Scott's monumental partnership with Nike, the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott breaks the conventional rules of the Air Jordan 1 design. For starters, the side Swooshes are reversed, which each tailing facing the toe. Woven tongue tags are shifted and stitched to the side of the tongue instead of the top. Also, in the collar, there is a hidden stash pocket. A one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind artist.

The Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott features a white leather upper with Mocha suede overlays and black leather reversed Swooshes. Hits of red on the tongue slightly contrast the design's earth tones. On the heel, a debossed Cactus Jack logo adds a custom feel. From there, a yellowed midsole and matching Mocha outsole complete the design.
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Both sportsmen and sneaker heads like the world-famous sportswear company Nike. In the Philippines, Nike has established itself as a top brand for beautiful and practical footwear. However, depending on the model, style, and availability, Nike shoe pricing can change. To assist you in making a wise buying selection, we will examine the price range of Nike sneakers in the Philippines in this blog post.

Nike Price Range

Running, basketball, lifestyle, and other categories are just a few of the shoe categories that Nike offers. Nike sneakers can be purchased for a variety of budgets, from entry-level to luxury versions. The general price range that you might anticipate is broken down as follows:

1. Entry-Level Models: Entry-level Nike footwear normally ranges in price from PHP 1,500 to PHP 3,500. These shoes frequently have simple designs that make them appropriate for everyday wear or light athletic activities.

2. Mid-Range Models: Nike footwear in this category typically costs between PHP 3,500 and PHP 7,000. These shoes frequently have more advanced technologies, increased comfort, and fashionable styles.

3. High-End Models: If you want top-of-the-line Nike sneakers made of the best materials and the newest technologies, be prepared to pay PHP 7,000 and more. Professional athletes and serious aficionados are frequently the target market for these expensive models.

Price-related factors include:

The following variables affect Nike shoe costs in the Philippines:

1. Model and Collection: Depending on the particular model and collection of Nike sneakers, the cost can change. Due to their exclusivity, shoes that are part of a limited edition or collaboration are typically more expensive.

2.Technology and Features: Nike uses cutting-edge technologies like Nike Air, Flyknit, or Zoom into its footwear. Shoes with cutting-edge characteristics are frequently more expensive.

3.Supply and Demand: Popular models that are in high demand may have higher prices, particularly if there is a limited supply available.

Availability of Nike Shoes:

Through authorized merchants, department stores, and internet retailers, Nike shoes are widely accessible in the Philippines. Popular choices include Nike's official retail locations, athletic apparel retailers, and online shopping portals. To get the greatest value, it's a good idea to check prices from several sources and keep an eye out for deals or promotions.

Additional Advice:

1. Verify Authenticity: Only buy Nike merchandise from recognized merchants or authorized sellers to be sure you're getting the real deal.

2. Sizing and Fit: To get the best fit when purchasing Nike sneakers, try them on or consult the brand's sizing guide.

3. Reviews and recommendations: You can make an informed choice regarding particular Nike shoe models by reading customer reviews and asking for recommendations from friends or online forums.

Nike sneakers are well-liked all around the world, especially in the Philippines, because to their unique combination of performance, style, and innovation. Nike shoe costs can vary depending on a number of factors, but you can locate the perfect pair that meets your preferences and budget by having a general awareness of the pricing ranges and taking these elements into account. Enjoy your new Nike shoes and have a great time shopping!

Please be advised that the costs indicated in this blog post are merely estimates and are liable to change. For the most recent pricing information, it is always advisable to verify with shops or Nike's official channels.

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